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November-09, 2022

What Is TriMix?

Intracavernous injections, such as TriMix injection, are now the most successful non-surgical treatment for men's erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms, according to the American Urological Association. For men who haven't had success with Viagra®, Levitra®, Cialis®, or other comparable drugs, TriMix dosage is a fantastic alternative to PDE5 inhibitor tablets. Three vasodilators make up TriMix injections. 

When the drug is injected into the penis, this could relax and dilate the corpus cavernosum, allowing it to expand and fill with blood. The dosage can change depending on your unique body type and needs. Depending on the severity of the ED, the initial dose should range from 0.05 cc to 0.2 ccs. Before increasing the dosage, wait 48 hours. If necessary, increase the dose by 0.025 to 0.050 cc until it is sufficient. A 0.50 cc dosage is the maximum. Avoid poor performance from the first few injections to demotivate you; the initial dose should be maintained modestly to prevent a protracted erection. TriMix injections are highly individualized to the patient's requirements. 

How does TriMix work for ED? 

Alprostadil, phentolamine, and papaverine, the components of TriMix injection for treatment, are all regarded as vasodilators. Widening blood arteries and increasing blood flow to the penis is how they function. An erection may come from this. 

What dosage of TriMix is typical? 

There is no "average" dose; individual doses vary greatly. When undergoing injection therapy instruction, you will be told how to safely increase the dosage to see what functions best for you. 

According to Emma Birch, it can range from 10 to 100 units, and if that doesn't work, there's still the choice of double-strength when you buy TriMix injection online

Remember that there are other formulae besides TriMix (for example, Caverject, Quadmix, and Promix). You must have a prescription from your doctor or a nurse practitioner before taking any formula. 

Seven Important Facts about TriMix Injections: 

1. INJECTIONS WITH TRIMIX ARE SAFE. TriMix has undergone testing and is secure. 

Before being made available to patients, each of our formulae is thoroughly tested by other parties. Men with ED symptoms have been using TriMix injections as a common and well-tolerated means of getting an erection for more than 30 years. Men with severe ED brought on by high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, and obesity can benefit the most from it. 


buy trimix injections online because it work amazingly well. The American Urologic Association claims that the most effective non-surgical ED treatment currently available is intracavernous injections like TriMix. 


TriMix injections, as opposed to oral ED drugs, automatically cause an erection, usually within 10 minutes or less. Some men might not start seeing the effect until after foreplay has started. To avoid prolonged erections, we advise starting with a lesser dose. Following the initial exposure, your doctor might advise changing your dosage. 


TriMix injections give men better sexual health and performance by producing erections that are fuller and last longer than other oral options. Erections need to endure for one to two hours. 

Erections that last more than four hours should never be experienced while taking TriMix or any other ED medication. Four-hour or longer erections are regarded as a medical emergency and require erectile dysfunction treatments. Please get treatment at your neighborhood emergency room as soon as you notice this symptom. 


Penile injections may be too painful for some people to administer on their own. But for many people who have used TriMix, the procedure couldn't be simpler or more painless! To illustrate how easy it can be to perform self-injections, have a look at these instructions: 

- Keep the penis clean and wash your hands with soap and water. 

- Keep the syringe clean and the TriMix cool. 

- Place the injection between the base and middle of the penis in the 9-11 and 1-3 o'clock positions. 

- After injecting the medication, properly dispose of your needle. 


Contrary to several drugs, TriMix injections' effectiveness usually is not affected by alcohol intake. Patients can consume alcohol sensibly while taking this medicine and yet experience the same outcomes as they would without it. 


TriMix injections should be kept out of direct sunlight and kept in the refrigerator (between 32 and 39°F). Please keep your medication as follows if your prescription calls for more than one vial: 

— Maintain the TriMix vial at a regular refrigerator temperature while it is in use. Olympia's TriMix can be kept at room temperature for a brief length of time while in use for convenience. The medication should be kept frozen or in a refrigerator at all costs. TriMix can be taken on the road with an ice pack. 

— Store the leftover TriMix vials in the freezer and keep them there. Vials that are frozen (between 0°F and 31°F) have a one-year expiration date. 

Ice packs are sent with TriMix. The drug may come unfrozen or even slightly heated and the ice packs may melt. There is no reduction in the medication's effectiveness. TriMix is delivered overnight to guarantee stability and the best outcomes.

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